FIRST Date ,only word is enough to get an adrenaline pump in boys we got this much excited that we wants to look best its like an occasion to us isn’t it?

We do all the things to impress our partner , we try to know her on first date both get to see each other, get to know each other as someone said the first impression must be the best as it creates an image on the girl

So creating the best image of yours you must do these things on your fist date that will definitely be helping you to boost the start of a healthy relation.

So let’s checkout these 13 things that boys must do on first date

1.BE SHARP – as on the first date everyone wants to look sharp boys try to be the same but some of the factors that you forget to take care of are-:

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    {A} beard should be trimmed or shave- as of the going on trend of no shave beard boys don’t trim or shave their beard even their first date that is the common mistakes boys do on their first date

They either don’t trim their beard or don’t shave it.

And the beard is totally messed up with curly hair

Girls like beard trimmed or shaved neat and clean

So you must  should take care of it either shave your bear or trim it that will definitely result up in a positive way

{B}Eyebrows – Eyebrows are the second most important things that the boys ignore, as boys have more hair on body parts and on eyebrow in mostly cases (joint eyebrow) there is affair going on of both the eyebrows just kidding  boys have bushy scraggly eyebrows that should be properly groomed

Boys should do care of it on a regular basis

This change will definitely make you sharp and clean and the first date will be going to be fantastic

And you will thank me later.

2.BE PUNCTUAL-I think most of the boy’s are habitual of coming late ,that’s the second most important things that irritates a girl because no one wants to wait as per human psychology 

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Punctuality is the sign of good manners and being late expresses disrespect and implies other priorities

Boys can take help of reminders and other stuff

So the boys should be on time or before the time that will build a good image of yours for sure.

3.BE YOURSELF-some person explicit their personalities ,their likes to impress their partner that is totally wrong girls like the person who sounds true you should show what u really are that will be the commencing stone of your healthy and long relation .

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4.CHOOSE THE PLACE WISELY- This is the thing the that is very easy to find but in most of the situation it is totally eliminated .

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A place is really necessary where a girl can be comfortable can share their thoughts and much more.

Some of the places like cafe’s, theme based restraunt etc .

5.BE CONFIDENT-I have seen that multiple times boys practicing to say something romantic in front of mirror before the date and just to build the confidence

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Dont worry guyz ,I know there is a little bit of nervousness in everyone when they meet a new person which is natural

Try to look into her eyes not for too long , give her full attention and listen to her carefully this will definitely show you confident in front of a girl


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As we all know the benefits of smile but you need to know that a research study has been conducted which discovered that women find men more attractive when they smile

Its really important on first date either for a girl or a boy because its shows your confidence and makes you look prettier

So smile and enjoy your first date.

7. PHSYICAL TOUCH-physical affection is really important on first date as if a man doesn’t initiate any touching it can leave women wondering that the men is even interested or not?

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As on the first date you talk a lot about each other, and you started liking each other so a physical affection in limit like handshakes, kissor a hug on the hand is enough on first date

Focus on to constructing a healthy and long lasting relation.

8.BRING A GIFT-Women love surprises and gifts as on the first date try to bring a small gift on your as a pleasant surprise

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Try to bring a bouquet of flowers or chocolates that would definitely make her feel special that will for sure help you to impress you partner on first meet.

9.What to wear on first date- it’s the most difficult task  for every boy on first date ,they get confused even after having bulk of clothes in wardrobe .

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The focus is here to properly present yourself to a woman. Clothes should be as per the occasion if you are going for dinner date formals would be perfect at that time.So do wear the clothes as per the occasion .

As per the research it is discovered that black is actually an ideal color for a first date and it is assosciated with intelligence and sexiness

So try to wear black and show the best of you to you girlfriend.

10.PICK SOME CHEESY LINES-Its totally proven that girls like to listen something new but boys are stuck in old fashioned lines

Try to be creative enough and show some cheesy lines that will definitely make her laugh and you both will try to feel a connection for sure

Lines like –

Are u sure you’re not tired?you’ve been running through my mind all day.

Hi, how was heaven when you left it?

These lines will help u a lot and for sure you both will feel a connection inside you.

11.GIVE COMPLIMENTS  TO HER-girls just love compliments and on the first date it will add glitters to the date so here boys need to take care of few things

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For a long and understanding relation a boy should know what a girl likes or dislikes so know these things because mutual understanding is necessary for a relation.

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13.MAKE A MOMENT-This is the most important part of your first date because it will be remembered forever in your girlfriend good books so its your responsibility to make a moment like

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This will impress your girl the most and the moment will last forever .

So these are the 13 things boys must do on first date

i hope this will also help you on your first date and make you feel memorable for your whole life

Set some relation goals and start a healthy relation with your girlfriend.

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