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69.19°N 143.48°W



69.19°N 143.48°W



69.19°N 143.48°W


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Whats the craziest thing you had done to travel ?


Travel completes me .I travel with that kind of passion and zeal.I had done a lot of blunders while  travelling/for teavelling like i sold out my bike to travel with my friends .Thats the most Valuable decision of mine because that journey filled with a lot of joy, and it taught me the precious lessons of life .

Travel not only change the thoughts it puts me close to the nature and when i am close to the nature 

I FIND MYSELF……………………………………………………..!!

Travel is all about finding an inner peace

When you starts your journey road becomes your new friends,you travel for experiences that ultimately gives you inner satisfaction &kind of inner peace .sometimes journey make you feel you like a free bird.”THEY SKY IS YOURS ,TAKE IT HOW MUCH YOU WANT”

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Now i am pretty sure you are ready to grasp the new life experience that will lasts forever.

So what you need to do:

  • Pack your bags and tie your shoes.
  • Belive me you will gonna get most amzing boose
  • Where do you wanna go it's up to you,let's choose



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