loose fat but how?Is the major question that we hear

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In todays world the almost everyone is addicted to bad lifestyle that is the major cause of fat increment. Congratulations that you have decided your goal,be assured this article will definitely help you to reach your goal and you will easily loose fat

As everyone wants to look slim and fit on their first date , so lets start the mission to loose fat

lets talk about what is fat?

Fat is basically stored energy

Fat is the macro nutrient that is presented in almost every food .so what causes person fatty is this your question?

As we have discussed that due to bad lifestyle people taking food without knowing their nutrients (protein,carbs,fat) that makes a person fatty


1. When carbs intake >protein intake

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Carbs is the primary source of energy increase of carb intake is the main reason why the body fat increases.lets understand in detail

When human eats any food ,it breaks into different nutrients carbs,protein fat.

When human body intakes carbs stomach breaks into glucose after that either it will flows itnto blood stream and further burned through energy or it will be stored in glycogen

Glycogen(backup energy) is basically a tank which stores energy that and if u don’t use that energy so that glycogen spills  over that energy and a layer of fat develops above the stomach

Due to which fat increases in overall body


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it’s the another big reason that for fat increment in the body

As the energy stores in glycogen as it is not used is if human uses the energy so glycogen will not spill over and fat will not increase

So the main question arises here is how to loose fat

So here are some 10 steps that will definitely help you in achieving your fat loss goal

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1.Calorie deficit-calorie deficit is the first thing you need to know that how much calorie you should intake

for example : your intake calorie comes to 2500 calories/day

So for fat loss you need to cut down 500 calories from your daily intake ,so total intake will be of

2000calorie /day                                                   

By reducing the calorie intake number, fat loss process will begin.

2.Taking protein diet:  protein is the number one nutrient for fat loss or building muscle .as on the journey of fat loss

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you need to shift on a proper protein diet where the intake of the protein should  be double of the total carbs

For example 100gms of protein:50gms of carbs

It is an ideal ratio that  will help in reducing fat

Carbs should be taken in a proper no. like the above said ratio

3.REDUCTION OF SUGAR &SALT –Sugar and salt intake is really important for any human

 A. SUGAR is present in every eatable item like milk,bread and fruits etc

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So for loosing weight one should take care of sugar content in the diet the max specified range of sugar intake is 25 to 50 gms more intake of sugar and salt will affect your fat loss goal by causing weight gain,it should be taken in a proper quantity not more than that which helps in calorie deficit.

B.Sodium is the major reason for water retention

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What is water retention ? Water holded between the skin and muscle that causes loose skin and you look bloatal

So another big task is to reduce the content of sodium intake . The daily recommendation of sodium intake is 2500 mg take care of this to achieve your goal.


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Fat is a essential  macro nutrient which is important for brain,heart etc.take good fat to speed up the process of fat loss.healthy fats comes from peanubutter,cashews,almonds,olive oil  etc.

A handful quantity of these nuts are enough for healthy fat need

So the macros come here is

(5:3:2) 5 is protein,3 is carbs,2 is fats is the macros for the fat loss.


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If you are hungry eat salad it will automatically fill the stomach so that the meal intake will be low and salad contains micro nutrients like mineral,vitamins ,enzymes that helps in breaking the food

Best time to take salad

The best time to take salad is 20 mins before the meal as it will fill the stomach and you can add salad before lunch and dinner will help you in mission to loose fat

6.CARDIO FOR FAT LOSS: cardio is most preffered in reducing fat percentage in the body .more you cardio more you sweat

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Best time to do cardio

  A.Cardio best results in empty stomach like in the morning

  B.Or after the workout

for fat loss you should increase the cardio workout like 3to 5 times a weak of approx 20 – 40 minutes


8.SLEEP:sleep is the third most important thing after diet and workout .

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A. When you sleep body goes in recover state and the energy will boost,

B.As you sleep more the testosterone level increases which increases the strength

C. low sleep will make you hungry and you will eat more

Which will definitely affect your fat loss goal and muscle mass will decrease.So 8 hrs of sleep is really important if you want to achieve you goal to loose fat


There is no need to do any starvation for fat loss you just need to eat in different meals try to take 5 to 6 meals a day Differentiating meal will make your body work in digesting the food and you will not feel hungry

10.CONSISTENCY:consistency is really necessary in this journey because it’s a long journey result will not come overnight you just need to do the things regulary to see the change in your body

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The changes will take time but they will come for sure.

Hope this article will be really helpful to you . you just need to establish all these things in your daily life . Be focused over the goal and I strongly believe that one day you will for sure achieve it.so believe in yourself and follow these rules

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